Date(s) - 08/23/2019 - 08/25/2019
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Artists' Studio Association classroom

Intensive Watercolor Workshop – Instructor: Ward Jene Stroud
To register call or email Ruth Parvin  (503) 810-8255

This is a 3 day class series
August 23, 24, and 25 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Please plan on attending all 3 days.


In this workshop, you’ll learn or review the fundamentals of watercolor painting with exciting exercises and full step-by-step projects, utilizing the latest techniques and hacks.  Learn new ways to shake up your style and incorporate fresh ideas into your current masterpieces. Regardless of skill level, whether you paint tight or loose, photo realistic or abstract, this class will have something for everyone.  Ward’s open and sharing personality is infectious. You will benefit from demonstrations, activities, projects, group discussion and one on one time with this energetic teacher. Ward believes it is important to share his skills and ideas, but even more important to inspire!  His mission is to make sure you learn and have fun in a safe creative environment. To better understand Ward’s teaching and painting and to see teaching reviews, go to his web page

Ward is considered to be a fresh new face in the watercolor world.  He was featured in the French art magazine Les Pratique Des Arts and in Watercolor Artist and Palette. 

Short Description:  Explore the creative use and possibilities of watercolor painting with exciting exercises and full step-by-step projects.  Learn the latest techniques and expert hacks.

Experience level: Prior experience suggested.

Fee: $300 for members, $325 for non-members

To Register: call or email Ruth Parvin (503) 810-8255

Materials students must provide:
Good quality 140 lb cold press watercolor paper
Watercolor paints 

Optional Materials:
Yupo and other paintable materials
Softer lead pencil HB 4-7
Kneaded erasers, small round and cube erasers with sharp corners can do amazing things.

Also:  Ward likes to put something under his painting board to tilt it up -like a rolled up towel or equivalent.  Blue masking tape to secure your paper, drinking straw, small and large kitchen sponges, spray bottle, paper towels, cloth kitchen towels or rags.

Materials instructor will provide:  Samples of demonstration materials that students might not have will be provided.

Number of students: Minimum 10   / Maximum 14