ASA Update Mar 3, 2019 with Member Meeting Minutes 2/26/2019




The subject for Guided Open Studio this Thursday, March 7 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM will be “owls”.  Arlon Gilliland will have photo references available and will offer guidance and help with techniques.  There is never a fee, but donations are appreciated.  Please plan on bringing in your own supplies.



ASA Member Meeting Minutes 2/26/2019

Attending:  Catherine Hingson, Joyce Centofanti, Jennifer Lorre, Tory McOmie, Ruth Hugeback, Tim Moore, Arlon Gilliland, Steve Rutherford, Marilyn Wolverton, Kathy Cope, JoAnn Ballantyne

Welcome, Introduction of guests


Filling up and being well attended.  Julie Kennedy is taking information for next quarter (April, May, June).  Instructors, or potential instructors, should send their requests to Julie Kennedy at

Mosaic wall now in lights! 

Electricians installed at front of classroom.  Two additional heads will be purchased so it will be a little brighter.

New business card rack

Possibly be located by the front of the room next to long table against wall or by the door from the Co-op.  Can get either 24 or 48 slot version.  Black or clear versions are available.

Gallery hosting – Volunteers needed

Volunteers still needed to host on those days that don’t have classes in session.  May be more effective to ask for volunteers during the months we have a higher volume of visitors, such as Spring Break, and summer months.

Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce gift donation for Super Auction

Gift basket was donated by ASA.  Kathy Cope attended.  The ASA gift basket went for $175.  Next year Kathy suggested we auction off gift certificates for classes and encourage individual artists to donate their art so they are all displayed individually, and the artist will benefit personally from the advertising. It was hard to see what you were getting because there were several different pieces of art in the basket.

Art on the Edge latest happenings

The publicity flyer and the bookmarks have been printed by Art on the Edge.  Would be very helpful if all the demonstrators and other ASA members tell their friends about the event and invite them to attend.  ASA may want to buy a couple of tickets and give them to key local people involved in arts and advertising.  Will probably be contacting demonstrators to see if they can help set the classroom up for the demonstrations and maybe bring snack/finger food to have for visitors.

New Business

Group art project

Ruth Hugeback brought in a picture of a heron with its reflection that had been done in individual pieces by different members and then assembled into a whole. ASA may want to do something like this in the future on a larger scale to draw in the members and get them excited and involved with something new.

People’s Choice Winner for February is Arlon Gilliland for Total Eclipse

Other artists/artwork receiving votes were (in descending order by number of votes and then by last name):

Hanging Basket – Rosemary Wood-Hemm
Shawn – Rosemary Wood-Hemm
Bowling Ball Beach – Jerri Lynn Woolley
Red Sky at Night – Jerri Lynn Wooley

Cliff Tree – Leoda Barr
Sunset – Laurie Carlson
Haystack Rock – Bill Cary
Man the Sails – Joyce Centofanti
A Star is Born – Kathy Cope
Aqua Flow – Arlon Gilliland
Early Snow – Arlon Gilliland
Golden Eye – Arlon Gilliland
Nesting Bucket – Arlon Gilliland
Ruler – Arlon Gilliland
Eagle Run – Tammy Hayes
Blue and Gold Mountain – Catherine Hingson
Colorful Trees – Catherine Hingson
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse – Catherine Hingson
Hill Country – Bonnie Holubetz
Three Rose Bushes – Carol Jurasin
Among the Reeds – Cynthia Longhat-Adams
Sea Grass in Winter – Nancy McEwen
One Magical Evening – Stephanie Reitmajer
Undaunted – Suzanne Tsang
Twilight – Lynne Wintermute
Rustic Relics – Jerri Lynn Woolley
Tranquil Waters – Laren Woolley
Yaquina Bridge – Laren Woolley

Featured Artist for March is Art Smart

Instructor Appreciation Brunch March 10th at 11 AM   RSVP by March 5th

Kathy Cope will be doing the lion’s share of the catering.  This is a great opportunity to network with other instructors you may not be able to see very often.

Great Lincoln City Garage Sale – April 19, 20, 21   Should ASA participate?

 Would people be interested in donating something, including artwork, for sale at garage sale prices?  May want to do this on different days than the main garage sale as this is a lot of work for not much return.  We also currently have Mosaic Open Studio on Friday, classes in session on that Saturday, and Sunday is Easter.

New PR volunteer group among us!

Catherine Hingson is willing to pass on the information that she has in a sort of brainstorming session which would include at minimum JoAnn Ballantyne, Marilyn Wolverton, Catherine Hingson, and the people who have answered Marilyn’s email saying they were interested in taking part.  Set a time after (or before) the next potluck meeting to make plans.

Possible Cultural Center

Duane (last name??) was a guest speaker at the Co-op and spoke about what the city of Waldport will be doing with the building being donated by the Umpqua Bank.  The mayor has an idea but some of the art community is proposing turning it into a cultural center.  What that looks like is still up in the air. We have an opportunity to help promote this as a cultural/art center.  Catherine has a contact name if anyone is interested. The Oregon Coast Council of the Arts (OCCA) has for years been putting together a website where art related organizations such as ASA can get their website linked to this basically county wide website.  The ASA hasn’t participated so far although the Co-op did when Catherine was involved.  Duane is trying to pull together artists and art organizations from the county to create websites, brochures and a collaborative way to promote artists and tourism in our county.

Gallery themes

April 12th from 5 to 7 Co-op theme is 12×12 ASA decided not to coordinate with that this time.

July theme would be ASA’s decision.  Needs to be determined soon in order to take advantage of advertising possibilities.


Go Daddy contract is up this year.  We need to determine what we’ll be doing after that.  Should we continue with Go Daddy, with Bet Hannon or some other organization? Ruth spoke to Andre who is doing the website building and maintenance for the Cultural Center, he might be interested and able to help us out.

Exterior and Interior Building Issues

Steve noted that our building could be painted in murals, it’s a great blank canvas.  He saw some buildings in Chile that were painted in murals 10 to 20 stories high.  They are beautiful and have become significant tourist attractions.

The floor at back of Co-op gallery is very soft and bounces when people walk through.  The front door is still having problems.

Tony Hugeback had to replace a light fixture on the exterior and cleaned the gutters.