ASA Update Jan 21, 2019






The subject for the Guided Open Studio on Thursday, January 24 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM will be Apple Trees in Snow.  Work on this project or bring in one of your own.  Arlon Gilliland will offer guidance and help with techniques.  There is never a fee but donations are appreciated.  Please plan on bringing in your own supplies.

The subject for Art Chat on Wednesday, January 30 from noon to 1:30 PM will be “pastels”.  Have you been curious about the various characteristics of pastels?  Come play with pastels and learn with us!

Our ASA Treasurer, Kathy Cope, compiled the sales amounts for art and cards received at the ASA for 2018 and we thought you might be interested.  The larger sales amounts appear to coincide with months we’ve had gallery receptions.

These are the figures:

January: $1501.60
artwork  $1383.20
cards  $118.40

February: $809.20
artwork  $708.80
cards  $100.40

March: $674.80
artwork  $602.40
cards  $72.40

April: $1446.40
artwork  $1276.80
cards  $169.60

May: $924.80
artwork  $797.40
cards  $126.40

June: $1443.20
artwork  $1327.60
cards  $115.60

July: $1195.80
artwork  $1078.60
cards  $117.20

August: $907.20
artwork: $759.40
cards  $147.80

September: $1567.00
   artwork  $1474.40
cards  $92.60

October: $1288.20
artwork  $1065.60
cards  $222.60

November: $394.80
artwork  $276.80
cards  $118.00

December: $539.60
artwork  $434.40
cards  $105.20

Totals 2018:
artwork  $11,186.40
cards  $1506.20

Featured Artists:  Are you displaying your art at ASA or would like to?  JoAnn is looking for artists who are interested in being a Featured Artist.  There are still a couple of months in 2019 available.  Put your request through the slot in the office door in the ASA classroom or email JoAnn at  This is a great opportunity to expose your art to the visitors and members that come through the ASA as well as being featured in some of our local papers.