ASA Update for Mar 26, 2019 with Member Meeting Minutes 03/26/2019




The subject for Guided Open Studio this Thursday, March 28th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM will be “animals”.  There will be photo references available in the ASA classroom of both domestic and wild animals. Arlon Gilliland will offer guidance and help with techniques.  There is never a fee, but donations are appreciated.  Please plan on bringing in your own supplies.

There is still room in the Local Lighthouses class on Sunday, March 31 from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.  While painting one of three local lighthouses, participants will practice glazing and layering techniques to achieve richly colored depth in their painting.  Topics include: composition and design, color theory and various ways to save the white.  Learn to paint a local lighthouse while learning numerous watercolor techniques.

Beginners are welcome, no experience necessary!  

Don’t wait any longer, click here for full details and to register online or give Catherine a call at 503-545-9339.


  • Guided Open Studio – 03/28/2019 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Mosaic Open Studio – 03/29/2019 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Guided Open Studio – 04/04/2019 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Mosaic Open Studio – 04/05/2019 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Pickup your art from current hanging by Monday, 4/08/2019
  • New art for Gallery Reception needs to be dropped off before Wednesday, 4/10/2019 at 10 AM
  • Gallery Opening and Reception “Florescence” Friday, April 12 at 5 PM

 March 26, 2019      ASA Member Meeting Agenda and Minutes: 

Future DatesPickup old wall art by Monday April 8th
New art rehang Wednesday April 10th at 10:00 AM

Gallery Opening & Reception “Florescence” Friday April 12 at 5 PM
Board Meeting Thursday, April 18 at 10:00 AM
Potluck & Member Meeting Tuesday, April 30 at 6 PM
Board Members       President:  Steve Rutherford
Vice President: JoAnn Ballantyne
Treasurer: Kathy Cope
Secretary:  Marilyn Wolverton 


Members at Large:

Karel Murphy
Rosemary Wood-Hemm 

Mosaic Liaison:  Rosemary Wood-Hemm

In AttendanceHeather Haugland, Sharon Cook, Tory McOmie, Christina Moore, JoAnn Ballantyne, Ruth Hugeback, Bill Cary, Catherine Hingson, Jen Elliott, Arlon Gilliland, Mary Bish, Marilyn Wolverton, Nancy McEwen, Tim Moore, Muffie Ganske, Steve Rutherford
WelcomeWelcome to new members Christina Moore and Jen Elliott
New Board Member at LargeRosemary Wood-Hemm who attends all our Board Meetings as Mosaic Liaison has been elected a Board Member at large.  Welcome Rosemary!
New Class Brochure AvailableRuth Hugeback creates our brochure for publication using the document with class information that Julie Kennedy sends both to her and to Marilyn Wolverton who enters it on the website.  Julie is the keeper of the global schedule for classes.  Thank you, Ruth, for bringing the ASA from a typed and stapled class list to this beautiful color brochure!
Facility IssuesThank you to Tony Hugeback for our kitchen fix and for replacing light bulbs.

The front door is still an issue. Pacific Glass needs to be contacted.

Old Business
Gallery RehangPickup old wall art by Monday April 8th

New art rehang Wednesday April 10th at 10:00 AM – Members are invited to come help hang artwork!

Gallery Opening & Reception “Florescence” Friday April 12 at 5 PM

Teacher’s Reference CenterThank you to Kathy Cope for setting up the teacher’s reference center which contains class related forms and the business card holder for instructors and art related businesses.
Instructor’s Appreciation BrunchThere was wonderful food and good conversation.  Thank you, instructors for all your talent and hard work!
Gallery HostingGallery hosting opportunities with new signup sheet for April is now posted in the kitchen.
People’s Choice          AwardsThe winner of the People’s Choice Award goes to:
Laren Wooley for Tranquil Waters.
Other artists receiving votes were:

JoAnn Ballantyne              Alone
Arlon Gilliland                   Frost Morning,  Pear, Golden                                                 Radiance
Tammy Hayes                   Eagles Run
Catherine Hingson            Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Bonnie Holubetz                Hill Country
Nancy McEwen                  Night Watch
Susanne Tsang                  Person in Canoe, Undaunted
Rosemary Wood- Hemm   Hanging Basket, Solitude                                                         Standing

Featured Artist for AprilOur Featured Artist for April is JoAnn Ballantyne.  JoAnn will be demonstrating some of her work at the Gallery Reception.
ASA DonationsIf you know of a worthy local cause, let one of our Board Members know so it can be discussed at a Board Meeting for possible contributions by ASA.  Most recently ASA donated to the Sheriff’s Department to help fund a canine unit.

Catherine Hingson proposed additional donation possibilities such as; an art scholarship fund, gift a class or some kind of scholarship to an art student from high school, gift certificates or art donation for Lincoln County Fair, a gift certificate or combined donation for a Fair winner in an art category. Siletz Bay Music Festival would be happy to receive donations of art or other auctionable items.  The Festival of Trees at Christmas would accept donations of art for their trees.

If we can plan ahead for yearly occurrences, we can designate a certain amount of money for each one and make it consistent.  We can then increase the knowledge that ASA is here and an active part of the community.

Scholarship forms for our classes are available in the ASA classroom in the form rack for those people in the community that can’t afford the normal registration fees.

Community Outreach TeamCatherine Hingson shared information about our new ASA Community Outreach team.  Come join in and help let the community know about ASA.
Additional Business
Local Lighthouses ClassCatherine Hingson has a watercolor class on Sunday, March 31st from 10 to 4:30, there is still time to signup.  Don’t hesitate!
Art on the Edge  Studio TourButtons and maps will be available soon.  ASA will be one of the studio stops. They are working hard on getting the word out about all the studios on the tour.  There will be demonstrators in the ASA classroom on all three days, May 17, 18 and 19.
Marketing and PublicityPublicity has been spotty, we are creating a team to increase visibility.  One possibility has to do with the location and visibility of the entrance.  We need to make it much easier to locate and to find where to enter the classroom.  Flower boxes and other entrance enhancements around the ramp entrance toward the front of the building would help.  The issue with making that our main entrance is that there must be someone in the ASA to monitor the classroom and entrance while the door is open because it’s not visible to the Co-Op personnel.

Brochures that we send out to advertise our classes may not be circulated early enough.  This makes it difficult for the person on the first couple of days of the new quarter to have a well-attended class.  It’s been decided to try to move up the creation of the brochure by about 5 weeks to help with this.

We need people to help pass the brochures out to different locations. Deb Hobbie, a new member, is heading up this subcommittee with the help of Mary Bish to try to get this accomplished. Tory McOmie, Sharon Cook, Julie Kennedy are helping too but we could use some more volunteers who’d be willing to distribute brochures around their local area in stores, restaurants, club houses, and local bulletin boards (all if it’s allowed of course).  It’s a way for members to contribute in small significant ways to making ASA a success.

It was proposed that we mail the brochures to our membership except for those that have indicated that they don’t want to receive the physical copy.  It will cost about $85 in postage for the membership plus enough additional to send to key people around the county.  The proposal was voted on by the Board Members in attendance and passed.  Marilyn Wolverton will be creating the address labels.

Tory McOmie will be looking into advertising in Sitka’s flyer and will write a proposal after finding out the different sized ads and their costs, when the deadlines are and how often the flyers come out.

Class evaluation given out at the end of a class would be one place to get the contact information for students.  The class forms will be turned into Kathy Cope who will turn over the information to Marilyn Wolverton so she can update our contact list database as many of these students are not ASA members.

JoAnn Ballantyne has volunteered to contact people at various online publications to find out in what format they need information as well as their deadlines and who to send it to.

Julie Kennedy has volunteered to handle the online events calendar on other websites such as City of Lincoln City, the Chamber of Commerce, the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts.  Each has their own website requiring logins and passwords and their own requirements.

Newport Symphony has ads that can be placed.

Deb Hobbie will find out about signage regulations for Lincoln City to see what additional options might be available for us.  She is also going to look into World Mark in Depoe Bay and see if they’ll let us place ASA brochures or signs there.

We still desperately need a volunteer for radio spots.  Catherine is willing to go along with the new person for at least the first couple of times or possibly more.  It would take roughly 2 hours a month for this position.  It’s an opportunity about every other month or so to go and talk on live radio between 15 and 30 minutes to talk about ASA, new classes and events coming up,

We are going to be revisiting the Art Triangle subject after the Art On The Edge tour which is May 17, 18, and 19.  The Pacific Artists Co-Op Gallery, Artists Studio Association (Beachstone Gallery) and the Cultural Center make up the triangle. We’re trying to create more publicity around the three of them to bring people from the valley to attend our art receptions and workshops.  It’s headed up by Sharon Cook and Krista Eddy.

There is some interest in having a video done about ASA.  This would help promote the Art Triangle and the ASA in general.  One idea would be to hire a production company that we would pay to make this video promoting the ASA.  Another suggestion was to work collaboratively with the Lincoln City Cultural Center to write a grant that would be funded through the Visitor’s Bureau or the Arts that would help with promoting the Art Triangle.  The third idea would be to  hire Gretchen Ammerman (or someone with similar skills) who is with the Oregon Coast Community College.  She might take some pieces of Seven Miles of Smiles video (about Lincoln City businesses) or have some of our artists take video which she could splice up into a 2 minute documentary.