ASA Update 9/12/2018 and Member Meeting Minutes of 8/28/2018




The subject of Arlon Gilliland’s Open Studio on Thursday, September 13th will be fruit and vegetables.  It’s time to get your cornucopia out of your imagination and into the world.


ASA Member Meeting Agenda – Aug 28, 2018

Future DatesPick up Summer show art October 8
Deliver new art by October 8
Oct 10, Re-hang 10:00 a.m. (encourage Members to come be trained as some team Members will be retiring end of 2018!)
Oct 12 Art Reception, 5-7 p.m.
In AttendanceArlon Gilliland, Steve Rutherford, Marilyn Wolverton, Ruth Hugeback, Nancy McEwen, Catherine Hingson, Cindy Adams, Tim Moore, Linda Friesen, Muffie Ganske, Kathy Cope, JoAnn Ballantyne, Richard Laycock, Tasia Markoff
Welcome from the president
Fall ClassesCollecting proposals, those already submitted are online now.  Summer classes going well.
GalleryPeople’s Choice Award went to Richard Laycock this month.
Next RehangOur next rehang will have a max of 2 pieces per artist.  The theme will be “Storytelling”.  Pipedance will be providing Beachstone’s entertainment at the reception on October 12th from 5:30 to 7ish.  Nora Sherwood may bring some “storytelling” to the evening.  Michael Sobey (sp?) a clay artist will be talking about the history of pottery and art.  There will be demos in the Co-Op with appetizers and wine.

Artists are encouraged to create new work and use the art to tell some story.  They are also encouraged to have a 3×5 card explaining their inspiration and a bit more about the piece.

FacilityInterior/Exterior paint.  Repair of south wall complete.

Paint will be gray body with maroon trim.  The older double hanging sash windows will be blue.  Cedar surrounds on front windows will be painted white.  Periwinkle Painting is charging $7k for pressure washing and painting.  May be a bit additional to replace any rotten wood on porch.

HousekeepingNeed to contact the person doing housekeeping for a possible change in schedule of visits.
Security CodesRuth Hugeback is having Iconipro update their code list with people who are currently opening and closing the building.
Featured ArtistsWe need to be sure to send thank you’s to the media outlets for including the Featured Artists in their publications.
Media SubmissionsWe are still looking for someone who would be willing to take over Laurie Carlson’s duties for submitting press releases to the media.  Rosemary Wood-Hemm will be taking and submitting the photographs.
Nestucca Valley ArtisansThe field trip to the Nestucca Valley Artisans festival went well and was a great way to increase exposure of the ASA and its artists.