ASA Update 10/7/2018




A gentle reminder to all ASA members who have joined with Gallery showing privileges (Rules and Regulations can be seen on our web page).

“Storytelling” is our theme.

Please deliver your 2 (two) Art pieces by Monday, the 8th of October.  Put your piece in the intake room, under the clock and under the copy machine, in slotted area.  Add 2 display cards to each piece.  If you wish to keep a piece up that is currently showing, please remove it from the wall and add it to the intake area.

Thank you for refreshing your art bins, greeting card area and thank you for removing your last show’s art piece.

Remember, come to our Reception on Friday, October 12, 5 to 7 p.m., where Pipedance will entertain us and snacks will abound.

Gallery Committee