ASA Update October 30, 2018




The People’s Choice Award this month goes to Lynne Wintermute for Estuary!

The following artists also received votes:

Mark Adcock – Wetlands
Leoda Barr – The Last Apple
Kathy Cope – The Big Splash
Holly Cully – Ocean Calm
Linda Friesen – American Kestrel
Arlon Gilliland – Aqua Flow, Nesting Blue Beauties
Catherine Hingson – Orcas, Blue and Gold Mountain
Ruth Hugeback – Teenage Crow
Karen Kasitz – Garden Memories
Richard Laycock – Penny Lane, Underneath the Arches
Pam Levander – Raku Fish
Elizabeth McClure – Summer Winds in the Lavender Garden
Nancy McEwen – Coming Together
Jon Monroe – Horse Eye
Tim Moore – Driftcreek Photo
Stephanie Reitmajer – Sunset Slice
Steve Rutherford – Mask #3
Lisa Talley – In Rain/Desert Photo
Margaret Tsang – Vineyard
Laren Woolley – Cape Kiwanda Curl, Bullwinkle